Duo Fomenko – Fomenko Brothers

Duo Fomenko – Fomenko Brothers are Circus Artists, Guest Entertainers and Headliners Artists. Andrei Fomenko and Ruslan Fomenko are two multi-talented brothers from а circus family. Fomenko brothers are professional performers of Circus, Theater and Performing Arts, with great experience working for all kinds of audiences.

Their Acts have been awarded worldwide on different International Festivals. Тheir works are theatrical plays with striking originality of thought, exciting presentations, amazing individual technique in the tricks and unique innovation in the development of props.
Success has opened the way to prestigious venues and well known Variete-Theaters, Circuses, Street Festivals, Amusement Parks, Cruise Ships and TV Shows all around the world.

Andrei and Ruslan´s education as Circus and Drama Directors have encouraged them to create a special Show (45 min.) for Cruise Ships, in the best tradition of Silent Films and Commedia dell’Arte.The Comedy Show is a tale for all ages about the relationship between two absolutely different and eccentric characters. There are no language barriers because the story is narrated by comedy action, exceptional juggling, slapstick elements, crazy magic, pantomime routine, modern clowning, novelty effects, unforgettable atmosphere and individual expression of artistic skills.
The storyline joins together all parts of the show, with award-wining Acts –  and builds the bridge for the audiences to its euphoric culmination with a fantastic stunt.

That is what gives the Duo Fomenko a unique and original trend of their own.

– GOLDEN MEDAL – International Circus Festival «Festival Mondial Du Cirque De Demain» Paris, Cirque d’Hiver. (France)
– SPECIAL PRIZE of Nikulin Circus (Circus on Tsvetnoi Boulevard) – International Festival of Clowns, Moscow (Russia)
– GOLDEN NOSE Prize of International Clown Festival in “Bakken” (Denmark)
– BRONZE MEDAL – International Magic Competition in Saratov (Russia)
– SPECIAL PRIZE of Nikulin Circus (Circus on Tsvetnoi Boulevard) – International Festival of Clowns, Moscow (Russia)
– BRONZE MEDAL – International Competition of Magic Art in Shanghai (China)
– BRONZE MEDAL – Magic Competition in Kharkov (Russia)
– SPECIAL PRIZE of “CHEHOV’S THEATRE” – International Festival of Clowns, Moscow (Russia)

«TIGERPALAST» Variete-Theater. Frankfurt Main (Germany)
«TIVOLI» Amusement Park. Copenhagen (Denmark)
«APOLLO» Roncalli’s Variete-Theater. Dusseldorf (Germany)
«DAIDOGEI» International Street Festival. Shizuoka (Japan)
«BIG MOSCOW CIRCUS» Circus Show. Barcelona (Spain)
«G.O.P.» Varietes (Germany)
«KNIE» Swiss National Circus. Summer Tour (Switzerland)
«KRONE» Building Circus. Munich (Germany)
«THEATER DE OPERA» Moscow Music-Hall. Buenos Aires (Argentina)
«CIRQUE D’HIVER» Bouglione Circus. Paris (France)
«MAGIC RING» International Magic Congress. Southport (Great Britain)
«WINTER GARTEN» Variete-Theater. Berlin (Germany)
«CONELLI» Christmas Circus, Zurich (Switzerland)
«VARIETE AM SEEPARK» Variete-Theater. Freiburg (Germany)
«WINTER CIRCUS» Christmas Show. Apeldoorn (Holland)
«MERLINARE» Magic Festival. Vienna (Austria)
«NEUES THEATER HOCHST» Theater. Frankfurt am Main (Germany)
«ULTRA DREAM CIRCUS» Rusutsu, Hokkaido (Japan)
and many more…

TV – 5 «Le Plus Grand Cabaret du Mondo» Variete TV Special, Paris (France)
TV Show – «Benissimo», Zurich (Switzerland)
TV – CCTV «International Humor Festival», Beijing (China)
TV – ARTE Channel «Rock’n’Roll Circus», Paris (France)
TV – ZDF «Summer Show», Mainz (Germany)
TV – Hunan TV – «Comedy», Hunan (China)

M.S.C. – Cruise Ship Company
COSTA Crociere – Cruise Ship Company